History of Manor House School

The Manor House School was first established in Zamalek  in 1949 by a British educationalist, the late Mrs. Bullen.

The School started with few pupils and by 1956 they were around 350 pupils as the school was known as a notable institute for English Language education.

In 1956 the school with all other language schools was nationalized and put under the supervision of the National Council of Education and its name was changed to Port Said School.

Miss Mary Salama was appointed by the council as Principal of the school and she tried her best to upkeep its good reputation.
In 1972 Mrs. Bullen returned to Egypt and established the new Manor House (October Language School) in Heliopolis.

The school flourished and a new branch was established in Mohandseen which gradually re-gained its good reputation with 3000 pupils (students) from Nursery to Secondary Certificate as well as IGCSE section considered as one of the best in Egypt.

After the death of Miss. Bullen a new management took over, following the same footsteps of Mrs. & Miss. Bullen & Mr. R.J.Tomlinson who was the major force behind the school for many years.